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Goodtill by SumUp now integrates with Mailchimp

Grow your customer reach as you promote your offers, freebies and promos en masse with only a click of a button using Mailchimp’s leading email marketing features.

Reach your customers with ease

Capture customer details at every scan and use our Mailchimp integration to sync and create your very own mailing list.

Here’s how we can transform your service:

  • Help your bottom line through greater conversions
  • Forgo manual rekeying of customer details
  • Create targeted, efficient and easy-to-use email marketing campaigns
  • Promote tailored and exclusive offers with ease

How it works

Mailchimp allows you to send email batches to all your customers acquired from the Goodtill by SumUp customer database sourced from instore signups to our POS, Goodeats and Goodies loyalty app.

Customer names and email addresses will be synced to your bespoke mailing list if the customer is both active and has opted-in to receive your marketing material.

Our key features include the following:

  • Segment audience by activity and create dedicated mailing lists
  • Access marketing automation, product retargeting, online ads and more
  • Gain valuable insight using Goodtill by SumUp reporting

For more information check out our Mailchimp Support page.