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Goodtill by SumUp now integrates with Shopify

Import your products from Shopify to your Goodtill by SumUp POS and cut out the labour- expensive hassle of manual input.

Work seamlessly across two platforms

Sync your stocks across your Goodtill by SumUp POS and Shopify platform. You’ll be able to ensure that any changes you make on your Goodtill by SumUp POS will be communicated and updated on your Shopify integration, ensuring accurate stock levels at all times.

How we can transform your service:

  • Automate the importing of products from Goodtill to Shopify
  • Centralise your POS solution
  • Speed up your processes
  • Prevent overselling through synced stock levels.

How it works

Using your Goodtill by SumUp POS as the “master” source of stock values so that any changes to your Goodtill stock will be copied over to your Shopify platform.

  • The stock changes will be synced automatically every 10 minutes without needing a manual refresh
  • When an order is placed via Shopify, your stock will see the relevant reduction in your Goodtill by SumUp POS
  • In cases of returns or order cancellation, your stock will also be updated.

For more information check out our Shopify Support page.