Advanced Stock Management

Track your stock live and benefit from in-depth reporting on your stock movements and respond in real-time.

Upgrade your functionality

With the light stock management feature included in our Core POS module, you can now upgrade to our advanced version to access greater capabilities.


More features

Multi-site support, send and receive purchase orders remotely and more.


Stock control

Book orders, track delivery errors and carry out stock counts.


Integrated Purchase Orders

Restocking made easy as you send your supply orders directly from your back office.

More than a POS system

Our iPad-based POS software brings ideas to life. Fast, simple and insightful. Packed with powerful integrations to free up your time.


From deliveries & transfers to stock audits

Our Advanced Stock Management module allows you to schedule deliveries and accept and request supply orders from your back office without needing to leave your POS. You’ll also be able to access stock variance reports after each stock count to help you identify and address any discrepancies that may exist.

We offer powerful wastage reporting, perfect for restaurants and cafes alike to minimise overloading of products or excessive spoilage you may be seeing. Spot any trends via our in-depth reporting and take action to align the dynamic demands you’re seeing with your procurement and avoid over or under-stocking.

In-depth insight

Our Advanced Stock Management Module integrates seamlessly with our reporting features, offering built-in inventory management functions. Edit delivery schedules and automate your stock count as you track your business performance with ease.

Advanced stock management module pricing plan

From just €20/month

Upgrade to our Advanced stock management Module and expand your Core POS package now.


Core POS Package

At €32 per till per month, our Core Package offers tremendous value.


Need hardware? We have that too

Start from scratch or complete your existing set with our top-quality gear tailored to your needs.


Key features

Advanced Stock Management and Reporting

Use digital stock takes to generate audits

Powerful stock monitoring, delivery and transfers

Access Stock Variants reports to spot discrepancies

Precise metrics for business monitoring


Our Core setup

Tools included in our Core POS package

Staff clock-in and attendance

Customer database

Self-checkout service

Multi-user access

Extensive product management

Have additional questions?

Check out our FAQs for any questions you may have. If we haven’t covered your question below, get in touch with us via our contact form and we’ll get back to you.

How can the Stock Management module help me save on costs?

In combination with our reporting module (included in our Core Package), you’ll be able to pinpoint what’s selling and what’s not, allowing you to respond to dynamic stock movements and avoid overstocking or understocking – both of which will lose you revenue. Our reporting is in real-time, this means you’ll be able to make necessary stock adjustments with suppliers remotely via your back office and ensure your business continues to run smoothly and can keep up with demand. 

Can you customise stock items?

Our Advanced Stock Management module allows you to alter, edit and update your items to ingredient level including size, colours and whether the item is part of a bundle or combo. You’ll be able to add notes and descriptions where appropriate to help you ensure all necessary stock information is accessible via your back office.

What information is available on the Advanced stock report?

You’ll be able to enter and view the following information on any given product. We’ve covered the main information below, please click here for the full list.

Item, product or ingredient name 

SKU, category, delivery code and barcode

Last Count of product from last stocktake

Amount of deliveries received of this product

Amount of products sold since the last stocktake

Any variance between what the system expects and what you’ve counted