Customer Display Screen

For a seamless checkout experience for both your customers and staff.

Champion your brand

Promote your brand via our Customer Display screen, including promotions, loyalty schemes and more and every checkout.


Clear display

Give your customers a visual pricing breakdown.


Custom screensaver

Be creative with GIFs and marketing banners and images.


Works on Wi-Fi

Forgo the need for chunky hardware and stay mobile.

Bring transparency to the checkout

Give your regulars a visual confirmation of their transaction and minimise human error in the process.

Customer-facing display module pricing plan

From just €10/month

Upgrade to our customer display screen Module and expand your Core POS package now.


Core POS package

At €32 per till per month, our Core Package offers tremendous value.


Need hardware? We have that too

Start from scratch or complete your existing set with our top-quality gear tailored to your needs.


Key features

A better service


Works on Amazon Fire and iOS

Provides order breakdown and pricing

Display promotional banners

Intuitive interface



Boost efficiency

Greater customer satisfaction

Order accuracy for staff and customers

Minimise transaction time

Less room for human error