Speed up your turnaround with our Hospitality POS

Transform your in-house dining experience and manage tables, tabs, customers and staff with our hospitality POS solutions.

Change the way you work with our hospitality tools.

Draw up your very own table chart via your POS and manage tables faster as you streamline communication amongst staff with ease.


Draw up your floor plan

Gain the perfect oversight of your in-dining experience with your custom table layout.


Receive live updates

Respond to demand in real-time via your iPad notifications.


A Covid-secure business

Ensure minimised customer-staff touchpoints through automation.

Offer greater service

Use our Hospitality solutions to help you streamline communication, payment processing and order fulfilment as you track sales and stocks remotely and in real time.

Hospitality module pricing plan

From just €10/month

Upgrade to our Hospitality module and expand your Core POS package now.


Core POS package

At€32 per till per month, our Core package offers tremendous value.


Need hardware? We have that too

Start from scratch or complete your existing set with our top-quality gear tailored to your needs.


Table management

A greater oversight

Instant tickets from till to kitchen

View table number, waiting time and more.

Changes to orders communicated instantly

Syncs info across iPads at every refresh

Merge and transfer tables



A streamlined service

Smoother communication between waiters and kitchen

Minimal customer-staff touchpoints

Access table info remotely table information from wherever you are