Management and Reporting

Your key metrics are only a click away, providing real-time updates and the perfect oversight of your business performance.

Keep tabs on your business

Access powerful and actionable insight at the click of a button as you track your margins and various key metrics live and in real time. 


Comes with our Core POS package

Powerful management capabilities included at no extra cost.


Product management

Add and create new products, specify variations and add images and more.


Powerful Reporting

Access live performance updates across your business and historic data filtered to your liking.

More than a POS system

Our iPad-based POS software brings ideas to life. Fast, simple and insightful. Packed with powerful integrations to free up your time.

Powerful insight with Goodtill

Find out how you can optimise your turnaround through actionable insight and use our metrics to help identify customer demands and opportunities for growth. Track your turnover, profit margins, performance and more across your entire estate.

With our reporting and management module you’ll also be able to keep track of your inventory and ensure you don’t over or understock through real-time reporting, helping you react to unpredictable stock movements instantly.

Metrics at your fingertips

View your business sales history and analyse staff performance, stock movement and bestsellers from wherever you are.

Standard pricing plan includes our Management and Reporting feature

From just €32/month

At €32 per till per month, our Core package offers tremendous value. Only pay for the functionality you need by browsing through our Optional Modules.


Optional modules starting at €10

Tailor your solution to your situation.


Need hardware? We have that too

Start from scratch or complete your existing set with our top-quality gear tailored to your needs.


Key features

Actionable analytics to scale your business

Live stock count

Staff clock in and out

Ingredient-level inventory

Reports on gross profit, busy periods and more.



Oversight across your business

Real-time stock updates

Monthly/weekly reports for easier payroll

Intuitive interface and easy to use

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How can insight help my business performance?

Insight allows you to keep your finger on the pulse when analysing performance as well as spot opportunities for growth, respond to customer needs and cater to these accordingly. Whether it’s stocking up on your bestsellers or cutting out products that aren’t selling – with the relevant metrics you’ll be able to respond to demand based on solid, accurate and actionable insight.

This can also inform your future marketing and promotions, helping you identify your key audience and create targeted campaigns as you zero in on trends, get a better understanding of your market and manage your inventory more effectively.

What does the insight cover?

We provide insight on the following:

  • Sales – including bestsellers and items you can filter by date and site (if you’re running a multi-site business).
  • Inventory – to help you react to dynamic stock movements in real time.
  • Employees – including performance, attendance and tips.

What reports and metrics can I access in this module?

You’ll receive insight into your overall business performance including sales and inventory which you’ll be able to filter to your liking.

Our isolated reports include:

Sales reports: An overview of your sales with information such as ‘Total VAT’, ‘Discounts’, ‘Service Charge’.

Petty cash: A summary of the total amount of money taken out of the till within a specified time frame

Discount: Here you can view a summary of the total number of discounts given within any given time frame.

Refund: The total amount of refunds processed within any given time frame.

Products: An itemised summary of all products that have sold within a specific period which you can filter by categories, brands, suppliers and tags as well as by registers and staff members. 

Clocks: A detailed report of staff attendance which you’ll be able to filter by time frame as well as specific staff members in question.

You’ll be able to gather more comprehensive data on your customers via our loyalty module while our hospitality module gives you greater access to ingredient-level reporting and wastage.