Get Ready for June with our Hotel Reopening Checklist

The 7th of June is the big comeback for Hotels across Ireland and there’s a lot to do as domestic tourism is back on the books – we’ve provided a much-needed Reopening checklist for Hotels to make the important checks and balances as well as potential upgrades to consider as we go for a smooth reopening!


Reception staff check-in

Stay covid-secure

With us (hopefully) reaching the tail end of the pandemic, health concerns are still very much a priority. Ensuring you’re doing everything you can to address these ahead of time is key. Here are a few things you can do to alleviate any concerns your guests and staff may have:

  • Implement social distancing
  • Equip staff and customers with protective gear including masks and hand sanitiser
  • Periodic cleaning of rooms and service stations
  • Stagger check-in and check-out times
  • Communicate the precautions you have taken to your guests


Check your hardware

It’s the easy things that can trip you up and our tech can fail us when left alone for an extended period of time (try a year!) – double-checking your old setup is vital. From making sure your staff access is assured, logins are working, your printers, payment processor and everything else is ready to go – just run a test order and make sure there are no hiccups, and if there are – you’ll still have enough time to remedy these ahead of reopening.


Ensure you’re staffed for reopening

While the goal is ‘business as usual’ it’ll be a while until we see this reflected in demand and you’ll want to avoid understaffing and risking inadequate servicing as well as steer clear of over-spending through over-staffing. It’s a good idea to ascertain the local interest you may see by the spikes or dips you saw in the 2020 reopening and have extra staff ready on-call if necessary.

Upgrade your POS

It’s huge climate crises like the pandemic that end up playing an integral catalyst to trigger long-term change. Today hoteliers are expected to adopt an improved standard in policies and technology introducing automation and contactless solutions for efficiency, safety and ease. Incorporating a POS will not only help you cut out staff induction entirely but take out the whole headache of installation – as everything is done remotely.

With a dedicated POS, contactless payment is the way to go. Keeping you cashless, the likelihood of spreading harmful viruses are minimised.


Woman enjoying in-room ordering in hotel


Multi-site support

Hotels are unique within the hospitality sector as the sales routes are split; this means sales aren’t confined to a single service and instead spread across the hotel restaurant and spa treatments to the poolside bar. This in short means gaining a clear oversight of your entire business performance is difficult yet vital and a dated legacy system simply can’t cater for this. If you have ambitious scaling plans for the long-term, it’s a good idea to have the multi-support functionality ready to do so from the get-go. A POS provides powerful reporting capabilities, allowing you to filter by site/terminal and access filtered reports to target any data points needed.


Future-proof with insight

Modules such as Reporting and Stock Management will help you forecast projections in demand based on the insight provided and allow you to react to these changes in real time. You’ll be able to request and accept supplies remotely – a lifesaver when demand is difficult to ascertain.

According to the Irish Tourist Industry Confederation, it may take up to five years for the Irish tourism sector to fully recover from the effects of the lockdown, while BDO modelling indicates it may take a similar period for average room occupancy levels to return to the peak levels reported in 2019 – which means upping your ability to forecast demand will be vital.

It’s also a good idea to check that online travel agents and suppliers you usually work with will be open when you are – they may work minimised hours or still a few weeks away from reopening themselves and you’ll need to find a way to replace their services temporarily.


Mobile ordering

Talking about frictionless service, mobile ordering platforms such as Goodeats are championing the concept to its fullest! By unlocking in-room ordering, you’re saving your guests the unnecessary walk, beat the queues and provide them with a way to order in comfort while keeping turnaround moving and ensure you don’t work at maximum capacity.

And for those who do want the in-dining experience, Goodeats supports table ordering ensuring an efficient service, minimal customer-staff interaction and cutting human error out of the equation.

We also provide table management features that will help you put the social distancing guidelines into action. You’ll be able to use our hospitality features to edit and reflect updates to your existing seating arrangement on your POS so staff won’t have difficulty navigating with any changes made to the floor plan.


You’re good to go!

Finally, the only thing left to do is open those doors and welcome your first customers back! We’re still finding ways to adjust to the uncertain climate but turning to tech and taking the necessary steps will ensure your reopening is second to none!